Too Valuable to Fail | Your Questions Answered

Episode 45  |  16 minutes

Testing out a new format for this podcast - short form responses to questions from you, our audience. Plus video!

In this Your Questions Answered episode, we break down a recent learning that Jonathan Jackson shared on LinkedIn regarding working with governments on digital health programs:

“I used to think the goal with digital health programs as a technology partner was to get too big to fail.  I’ve learned a lot however in the last 20 years. Now I know: the only path to success is to be too valuable to fail.”

We discuss taking an Impact Delivery approach for digital, and answer the following questions:

  • Can you kindly provide specific instances where you have consistently provided benefits to your users, clients, and communities? Understanding how you have avoided becoming stagnant and maintained the growth of your program would be highly beneficial.
  • How do you suggest measuring and assessing the value-added for users, clients, and communities?

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