Building Resilience: The Key to Combating Burnout in Frontline Workers with Lilianna Bagnoli

Episode 38  |  43 minutes

In a world where stress is inevitable, burnout is rife, and the global mental health burden is growing, it's crucial to develop the skill of resilience to recover, adapt, and grow from stress. This episode highlights how building resilience can guard against burnout, a workplace phenomenon that affects many Frontline Workers, resulting in feelings of fatigue, detachment, and a reduction in professional efficacy. Jonathan Jackson sits down with Lilianna Bagnoli to dig into Dimagi’s work on resilience-building through the launch of the WellMe application - a user-friendly tool focussed on equipping Frontline Workers with resilience-building behaviors, that can be used across geographies, languages, and Frontline Worker cadres. You’ll also hear about the ways in which we can scale access to mental health support for individuals and Frontline Workers, how technology can support this, and what this means for technologists, implementers, and funders working in global health.

Other topics discussed:

  • Why resilience-building is important amongst Frontline Workers
  • The growing mental health crisis & four interventions that can help deliver mental health support at scale
  • Leaning into collaborative approaches to deal with stress on all levels amongst essential and non-essential staff
  • An introduction to Dimagi’s WellMe application & the feedback received from the user testing phase
  • The importance of adapting messages and language from user testing to appeal to specific contexts and demographics
  • The need for organizations to incorporate resilience-building into professional development efforts
  • The effects of bolstering mental health on the results of treatments for other health issues

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