Prioritizing Platforms Over Projects with Danny Roberts (Exponential Growth Part 1)

Episode 4  |  29 minutes

Dimagi recently published its 5 year strategy for High-Impact Growth. In this episode, we discuss Strategic Priority #2: Sustain Exponential Growth. Jonathan Jackson is joined by Dimagi's Director of Engineering, Danny Roberts, to unpack a key consideration: we prioritize platforms over projects. You'll learn:

  • Why Dimagi won't accept linear growth, and how we plan to go about achieving exponential growth to reach and support Frontline Workers globally
  • How Dimagi's focus on platforms has allowed us to develop CommCare with project-based funding
  • How Dimagi's engineering team thinks about building new requests into the platform and how this allows CommCare to be priced at a fraction of the cost
  • How the idea of investing in platforms is also a path forward for better supporting global health workforces

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