Equity and AI in Global Health: leveraging AI to benefit underserved populations and dispel Inequitable Dystopia

Episode 53 |  37 minutes

In part 2 of this series on Artificial Intelligence, Jonathan Jackson and Brian DeRenzi, Dimagi’s Research and Data team lead, openly talk about the rapid evolution of AI, its vast potential, and what Dimagi has been up to over the last few months since winning the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges grant to build a frontline worker coaching chatbot. In this candid conversation, they discuss the value of collaboration, the ethical and philosophical considerations of AI as a tool to empower, rather than replace human services, the looming threat of inequitable dystopia and ways that we are partnering with other organizations to ensure that the benefits of this new technology are spread equitably.

Topics include:

  • The knowns and unknowns around AI
  • Key takeaways from conversations with academics, funders and implementing partners
  • How Dimagi is thinking about AI for global health and development organizations
  • Using the GPT-4 API to build and test chatbots for various use cases
  • Addressing the challenge of scaling and retaining quality supervisors in frontline work 
  • Improving model performance for languages more commonly spoken in low resource settings
  • Bias discovery in language translation and our efforts to improve it

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