Empowering Healthcare Access: How the US Digital Service at CMS is shaping policies and creating an equitable digital future

Episode 54  |  46 minutes

In this insightful podcast episode, we feature guests Andrea Fletcher, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, and Remy DeCausemaker, Open Source Lead at the Digital Service at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), discussing the critical role of digital technology in shaping healthcare strategies within the U.S. government. The discussion delves into the intersections of technology, healthcare, and government strategies, emphasizing the significance of open source collaboration, addressing challenges, and preparing for the future of healthcare systems. Hear fresh perspectives on privacy-enhancing technologies, and the importance of AI transparency in policies.


Topics discussed include:

  • CMS's oversight of the U.S. healthcare system, managing Medicare, Medicaid, and the healthcare.gov marketplace. 
  • The significance of Blue Button 2.0, an open API providing Medicare data
  • Navigating the challenges in executing projects despite a clear vision, policy, and strategy
  • Capacity building, and the importance of involving technologists in policy-making
  • Demonstrating value through iterative development, trust-building, and intentional risk management
  • Open-source software solutions and collaborative approaches in addressing healthcare issues

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