A Free, Off-The-Shelf Solution for Monkeypox Case Management

Dimagi's template web application for monkeypox case investigation and contact tracing so you can slow the spread and control outbreaks in your community

Public health departments: receive a complimentary 6 months trial.
Get setup quickly with accessible self-guided, on-demand training.

An Easy-To-Use Application Built for Managing Monkeypox Cases

As monkeypox case counts increase, US public health departments need an affordable and easy-to-use tool. Dimagi’s monkeypox solution was designed with you in mind: a pre-configured web application built on the open-source, HIPAA-compliant platform, CommCare, that combines case investigation, case assignment, contact tracing, and optional symptom monitoring via SMS.

The solution features a clean and intuitive interface to make it convenient for users to adopt and use. This simplifies the onboarding process so you can immediately use the application to continue the important work of investigating potential cases and tracing contacts.


No upfront cost

Any US public health department can use the pre-configured application with CommCare Enterprise Premier subscription free for 6 months to support uptake.


Get up and running quickly

No changes or reconfiguration to existing health systems needed; the app is accessible on any web browser and comes with on-demand training.


Securely share patient/client data

The app is built on the powerful, HIPAA-compliant platform, CommCare, which allows easy data export for CDC reporting.

Get the support you need. If you have questions or want to learn more, we’re ready to help.

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