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The Problem with the Current Approach

Escalating global pressures like economic uncertainty, humanitarian crises, and climate change demand more extensive and innovative services from social impact organizations and governments. We are expected to do more with less.

Digital solutions have the potential to allow us to create more value for every dollar invested. However, the current approach to leveraging digital technologies for global health and development is falling short. Even when digital efforts are able to achieve short term goals, we often see that they fail to deliver sustained impact. 

Data collecting and reporting

Missed opportunity to collect data and deliver services

Digital programs too often focus only on capturing data for administrative reporting, creating a burden on providers and clients and missing the opportunity to enhance service delivery at the same time. A review of digital health interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa found that a staggering 84% of projects were focused on data mining rather than delivering services.

Designed for one project

Designed for one project or use case

Digital solutions are generally created with a focus on one specific project or program - supporting HIV care for example. But this can leave you with dozens of standalone applications for every project, each fading in their value over time, that waste your staff's precious time. 

Short-sighted problem-solving

Solving for today, not tomorrow

When programs invest in digital solutions, they often utilize time-limited funding with specific demands. But without being able to support the unpredictable emerging needs of the future, the solution's fit for your programs may be short lived, becoming a burden as the program changes. 

What is Impact Delivery?

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Impact Delivery is a forward-thinking approach that leverages technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of social impact organizations. It aims to significantly amplify the value of every dollar spent on digital solutions, meeting current program needs while simultaneously building a robust foundation for future expansion. This approach works within the constraints of project limitations and funding cycles, enabling organizations to address today's problems while strategically preparing for tomorrow's challenges. Impact Delivery isn't just about surviving the present, but thriving in the future, delivering critical services to those who need them most.


Rethinking Technology: Three Pillars of Impact Delivery


DELIVER BETTER IMPACT by creating better jobs for users and therefore better outcomes

Digital solutions must be designed to collect needed data and also improve and deepen the impact delivered by frontline providers. With CommCare, Dimagi’s Impact Delivery platform, you can improve the jobs of your users with robust job aids complete with decision support to ensure best practices are followed, seamless referrals for continuity of care, multimedia content for top notch training and automated bi-directional messaging for client communication. You can deliver better services and still capture the data required for administrative reporting.



DELIVER MORE IMPACT by setting up digital to support multiple programs, user types, and integrations at scale

With CommCare, you can deliver on today's project requirements, but with a foundation that will allow you to seamlessly rollout new services, add support for additional user types, connect to other systems your organization or partners use, and rapidly release improvements to meet evolving requirements. With an Impact Delivery approach, we intentionally plan to support more impact with no or limited additional cost. 



DELIVER SUSTAINED IMPACT by working with a long-term technology partner on a robust platform

Sustaining impact requires knowing that the future is unknown and being prepared to meet the emerging needs of tomorrow. Dimagi’s long-term partnership approach, combined with the building blocks available within the CommCare platform, puts you in a position to meet today’s requirements and be ready for tomorrow’s challenge. Delivering impactful services in complex ecosystems requires long-term partners, not vendors.  




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Technology is one part of the solution


Let's be honest: You simply can't afford to waste time and resources on ineffective digital transformation initiatives. But, solving for technology alone is not enough.  Impact Delivery requires a coordinated approach across your people, processes and technology. 

People: You need a dedicated team of individuals who possess not only the capacity but also the expertise to effectively implement and sustain your Impact Delivery approach for the long-term. 

Processes: Your organization needs a strong vision backed up by robust strategic planning, adequate investment and enabling processes to support your Impact Delivery approach. 

Technology: Your technology stack needs to be set up on a strong, long-term platform to allow for continuously expanding value across a range of existing and emerging needs that your organization faces. 

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