Failure is Not Free: Maximizing Learning Velocity with Funding from USAID Development Innovation Ventures with Kriti Mehrotra, Jeremy Wacksman and Sri Ranganathan

Episode 12  |  55 minutes

"Unlike other technology sectors, the cost of failure is extremely high, but it's not born by the organization. It's born by the user....And so while we learn and it's helpful for us to view [digital health pilots] as a funnel, that's an incomplete view of the world because there is a real cost to equipping users and then dropping support for the application and dropping support from the organization. So I think we do need to have that mindset, but also can't just fail for free." - Jonathan Jackson

Today's episode is part 3 in a series looking back on pivotal time periods in Dimagi's story in honor of our 20th anniversary. Today we look back at the time between 2010 and 2014 when Dimagi received two rounds of funding from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) program to test CommCare through dozens of pilots in India. This was a time of maximum learning velocity, as we got feedback from users across many organizations and applied it to get better and better every week. Jonathan Jackson and Amie Vaccaro are joined by Kriti Mehrotra, Impact Advisor Office of the CEO; Jeremy Wacksman, Global Director of Division Operations; and Sri Ranganathan, Director of Customer Success to unpack the learnings from this time period.


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