Scaling mental health care: Exploring the intersection of mental health, physical health, human connection & technology

Episode 44  |  44 minutes

Depression alone is projected to be the third leading cause of disease burden in lower and middle income countries by 2030, where 75% of people don't receive any treatment.

In this episode we delve into the escalating global issue of mental health care. Jonathan Jackson speaks with three of Dimagi’s experts: senior health strategy specialist Lauren Magoun, senior project analyst Anaba Sunday Atua, and senior mental health strategy consultant Christie Civetta. Gain insights from the team’s diverse experience and learnings in project analysis and the implementation of mental health initiatives, as well as approaches to combating the barriers to mental health care delivery and the grave lack of funding. You’ll walk away from this episode with a clear understanding of the role of Frontline Workers in providing intervention, the need for human connection in digital solutions, and the positive impact of integrating mental health care into broader health strategies. This episode challenges funders, implementers, and technologists working in the mental health space to consider the intersection between mental and physical health in developing solutions that create lasting impact and achieve holistic health outcomes.

Topics include: 

  • The opportunities and future possibilities for mental health care innovation
  • The potential of digital solutions to break down barriers and deliver impactful, scalable and cost-effective programs
  • The realities of mental health stigma and care in low-and middle-income countries 
  • The advantages of community-based interventions and the role of trusted members in addressing stigma
  • The importance of human connection in mental health care delivery 
  • The intersection of physical and mental health with a focus on anxiety and depression

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