Enabling and Elevating Community Health Workers across the US: Insights from MHP Salud’s Impact Delivery Approach to Technology

Episode 50  |  56 minutes

Co-hosts Jonathan Jackson and Amie Vaccaro are joined by MHP Salud’s CEO, Dr. Maggie Dante and Data and Evaluation Analyst, Rachel Udow. MHP Salud is championing Community Health Workers across the US both within their organization and through training and consulting on how to best integrate CHW programs. Over the last decade, MHP Salud has been on a digital transformation journey - leveraging technology to improve service delivery. The conversation unpacks many of the best practices the organization has developed to leverage digital to deliver impact at scale. 

Topics discussed: 

  • How MHP Salud has used one technology platform to deepen and improve impact over time
  • MHP Salud’s digitization journey, including expanding use cases of CommCare across programs
  • How the organization has developed the human capacity and processes to support a long term Impact Delivery approach
  • The role of user-centered design and training in successful technology implementation
  • The significance of buy-in from CHWs and creating a culture of validation
  • The integration of technology, including CommCare and Tableau, to improve efficiency and save costs
  • Insights on strategic thinking, recruitment challenges, and long-term sustainability in community health programs

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