Creating a Digital Ecosystem to Improve Frontline Humanitarian Impact: Mercy Corps’ Approach to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Episode 25  |  49 minutes

Jonathan Jackson sits down with Mercy Corps’ Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) team – Meri Ghorkhmazyan, Senior Director MEL, Alex Tran, Senior MEL Advisor and Hanna Camp, Senior Advisor, Technology for MEL. They discuss how MEL is the next generation of M&E and how it has fuelled program adaptation and higher level learning to improve frontline impact at Mercy Corps.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • The difference between M&E and MEL
  • The value of a MEL policy and the challenges of disorganized MEL technology
  • How standardizing on technology for MEL allows teams to maximize comprehensiveness of data as well as timely action
  • The ins and outs of creating enterprise technology agreements and the cost savings made possible
  • Implementing a MEL technology training program with support from the Cisco Foundation
  • Creating continuous buy in along the journey of change management
  • How streamlining technologies can boost professional development opportunities for MEL technology practitioners
  • Empowering data practitioners to be able to make better decisions around program performance
  • The challenge of finding and retaining technically skilled staff

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