Solving Hard Problems, Designing Under the Mango Tree, and Taking a Product Approach: Lessons Learned from the Making of CommCare featuring Dr. Brian DeRenzi, Clayton Sims, Cory Zue and Dr. Neal Lesh

Episode 10  |  68 minutes

Jonathan Jackson is joined by 4 early Dimagi employees who were most involved in the creation of CommCare, the digital platform for impactful frontline work. CommCare is a low-code application builder that allows NGOs and governments to build applications to enable their frontline teams to deliver impactful services and collect data. It has been used by 1 million people all time and across 130 countries. The journey to create CommCare spans 14 years and is quite unusual: it's a story of tenacity, humility and continuous learning first and foremost from our users. You'll hear from Dr. Neal Lesh, Dimagi's Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Brian DeRenzi, Dimagi's Global Director of Research Strategy, Cory Zue, Dimagi's CTO from 2007 - 2017, and Clayton Sims, Dimagi’s current CTO, about the pivots, disagreements and key decision points along the way. And you'll walk away with fundamental lessons for building software to tackle some of humanity's thorniest and intractable challenges. This is part 1 in a 5 part series highlighting milestone or turning point moments in Dimagi's history in honor of Dimagi's 20th anniversary. 

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