How to double the impact of your team with Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers

Episode 26  |  45 minutes

Jonathan Jackson and Amie Vaccaro sit down with Liz Wiseman, researcher, executive advisor, and author of New York Times bestseller Multipliers and three other books to learn about multiplier leadership. In this candid conversation, Liz discusses the research behind Multipliers and how to apply it within global health and development to ensure you are fully realizing your team’s potential.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • A breakdown of the Multipliers leadership style and how to utilize it within any team environment to create 2x the impact
  • Multipliers vs Diminishers vs Accidental Diminishers- where does your leadership style fall?
  • Decoupling intent from outcome when it comes to management
  • Creating a culture of empowerment where multiplier managers thrive
  • How power dynamics and organizational culture feed into diminishing tendencies
  • Finding the time to have a multiplier approach especially in a high-pressured environment
  • Striking the balance between empowering and micro-managing

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