The Journey to Scale: Lessons learned from supporting the largest digitally-enabled Frontline Worker program in the world with Kriti Mehrotra, Shayoni Mazumdar and Stella Luk

Episode 14  |  58 minutes

“It's not just getting started or getting to scale it's…how are you going to keep improving at scale?” - Jonathan Jackson, CEO and Co-Founder, Dimagi

Today we tell the story of the largest digital health project Dimagi has ever worked on supporting the Government of India’s Integrated Child Development Services, which is the largest public health and nutrition program in the world. Launched in 2018, the Common Application Software (ICDS CAS) helped tackle malnutrition by digitally equipping Frontline Workers with a mobile solution to strengthen service delivery and enable effective monitoring, timely interventions, and enhanced decision support.

Hosted by Jonathan Jackson in conversation with  Kriti Mehrotra, Dimagi’s Impact Advisor, Shayoni Mazumdar, Dimagi’s Director of Strategy and Operations, and former Dimagi VP of Global Services, Stella Luk, you’ll hear unique perspectives and learnings from the scale-up of the project, including navigating procurement for physical materials, scaling teams and processes, practicing user-centered design, and how Dimagi grew and evolved to meet this challenge. This is part 4 in a 5 part series highlighting pivotal moments in Dimagi's history in honor of our 20th anniversary.

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