Why Improving Frontline Worker Jobs is Critical to Improving Health Outcomes with Dr. Neal Lesh

Episode 8  |  36 minutes

Dimagi has put a stake in the ground that to improve health and development outcomes and reach universal health coverage, we NEED to improve Frontline Worker jobs. Frontline Workers such as Community Health Workers are a critical part of health service delivery and many studies have proven just how impactful they are. We are facing a massive healthcare provider shortage globally which will likely be filled by Community Health Workers and non-specialized providers in a lot of contexts. But, they are underpaid, under-supported, and under-recognized. 70% of Frontline Workers are women, 86% are not fully salaried, and they deal with massive burnout. To improve outcomes, we need to improve the jobs of the people who create those outcomes. Jonathan Jackson and Dr. Neal Lesh share how this strategy came to be, why it's become so important, and how we are working to reach it.

This is the final in our series exploring Dimagi’s 5 Year Strategies, focusing on Strategic Priority 1: Improve Jobs to Improve Outcomes.

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