Building digital as a horizontal foundation: Insights from growing Dimagi's marketing team

Episode 28  |  39 minutes

In today’s episode we flip the script and Jonathan Jackson interviews Amie Vaccaro to discuss her career journey, her experiences, and the lessons learned so far in growing the marketing team at Dimagi.  The potential of digital to support iNGOs and governments can only be really unlocked when it becomes a foundational layer that supports all aspects of the organization’s work horizontally. We often see digital projects failing when they are focused on one specific vertical or silo and not able to add value across an organization. Amie has been on a parallel journey building marketing as a horizontal and foundational team at Dimagi and together Jonathan and Amie unpack some of the lessons Amie has learned that are applicable to anyone leading a digital shared service within an organization.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • The challenges of standing up a new horizontal shared service in an organization
  • How to sequence value creation to build trust and autonomy over time
  • Partnering with leadership to understand and guide strategic direction
  • Balancing execution work with high-level strategic work
  • Empowering a team to say no and prioritize tasks

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