Glasswing International: Empowering Communities through Mental Health Care and Leveraging Technology for Lasting Impact

Episode 55  |  40 minutes

Glasswing International is a NGO with a remarkable journey, having impacted more than 2.2 million lives through their education and health initiatives throughout Latin America and New York City. Co-founder and President Celina de Sola shares her insights on the organization's evolution and growth to 600 employees, and their community-driven approach that led to the organization's non-clinical model for mental health care. The podcast explores scalability, sustainability, and the role of technology and data in highlighting growth as well as the gaps, to enable organizations to achieve greater impact.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Glasswing's organic evolution and focus on mental health to address the global shortage of specialists
  • Extending their mental health model to government employees, law enforcement, and teachers.
  • Importance of prioritizing provider personal well-being before interventions in high-stress environments.
  • Understanding the science behind stress and trauma in Glasswing's training model.
  • Challenges and strategies in training for mental health in various cultural contexts.
  • Glasswing's goal to train 100,000 providers of care and integrate mental health into public institutions.

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