Must-Listen Guidance for Technologists in Global Health from Malawi’s Head of Digital Health, Simeon Yosefe

Dispatches from the 2022 Global Digital Health Forum  |  21 minutes

“For us as a country, we want to implement and deploy comprehensive systems. A system that actually encompasses everything. Not only focusing on one company. HIV may be a starting point, but we want these resources not only to be limited to HIV, but they should cover everything. And by doing that, we ensure that we are taking care of everything. If a mother is pregnant, is HIV positive, or also has TB - all these will actually be taken care of because we have brought all this work together and those who are providing the care will actually provide this care within the same framework and the same environment. That will definitely improve the situation.” - Simeon Yosefe, Head of Digital Health, Ministry of Health of Malawi

Jonathan Jackson talks to Simeon Yosefe, Head of Digital Health for the Ministry of Health of Malawi, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digitally transforming Malawi’s health system. You’ll hear about the importance of aligning digital health systems closely to the vision and digital health strategy of the government, how Malawi is creating policy guidance to ensure that its digital health systems work for Malawi, and why we need to take a comprehensive approach to digital systems. Malawi has been a leader in digital health laying out a bold digital health strategy and this episode is a must listen for any digital health practitioners working or wanting to work with Ministries of Health.

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