Unlocking the Potential of AI in Public Health with Rebecca Distler of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

Dispatches from the 2022 Global Digital Health Forum  |  28 minutes

Jonathan Jackson sits down with Rebecca Distler, Strategist for AI, Data and Digital Health at the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation at the Global Digital Health Forum, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital health and AI.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Investing in enabling environments for digital health
  • The need to plan for day 2000 on day 1, and the tension between short- and long-term thinking
  • Uncovering effective entry points for building digital public infrastructure
  • Putting the person at the center of health systems, not their disease
  • Exploring "medical AI" vs "public health AI" and how to make use of insights that are generally unlocked from AI – an often forgotten step
  • Creating a seat at the table for people who will be using digital tools and the importance of supporting health workers
  • How technologies like ChatGPT are poised to fundamentally change workflows

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