Meeting the Need for Global Mental Health Care with Digital featuring Lauren Magoun

Dispatches from the 2022 Global Digital Health Forum  |  21 minutes

Jonathan Jackson sits down with Lauren Magoun, Dimagi’s Senior Health Strategy Specialist, at the Global Digital Health Forum to discuss the realities of the global mental health crisis, the lack of access to mental health care, and the innovative work Dimagi is driving to develop digital solutions that enable frontline providers  to address the gap in mental health care.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Enabling non-specialist frontline providers to provide mental health care
  • The power in taking a protocolized approach to mental health treatment
  • An exploration of the ways that we can leverage digital innovation to scale mental health care programs
  • The impact of an integrated treatment program - incorporating mental health treatment into treatment programs for other illnesses for example
  • How digital can augment vs replace humans in mental health care
  • How the global health and development community is thinking about mental health

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