Prioritizing better jobs for Frontline Workers in the digital health community with Jonathan Jackson

Dispatches from the 2022 Global Digital Health Forum  |  12 minutes

Jonathan Jackson unpacks the session he led at the Global Digital Health Forum called “Is the Digital Health Community Creating Better Jobs for Users?” In it, he discusses the idea of introducing a 10th Principle for Digital Development ‘Make the users’ job better. Creating better jobs for better outcomes is at the heart of Dimagi’s work and 5 year strategy.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Why supporting and elevating the Frontline Worker is critical to the future of the digital health community (and Dimagi’s 5 year strategy)
  • What would adding a 10th Principle for Digital Development look like?
  • How prioritizing  the end user influences the quality of the work they’re doing
  • The tradeoffs and nuances inherent in prioritizing the Frontline Worker when digitizing a health program

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