Taking a whole-of-government approach to digital health in Zambia with Innocent Chiboma from the Zambian Ministry of Health

Dispatches from the 2022 Global Digital Health Forum  |  18 minutes

“If you want to get a holistic picture of a person's health, you have to look at everything that concerns them, including for instance the issues of the local authorities - sanitation…water, everything to do with that. So we should not limit digital health to ministry of health. It's something that will go to all the other government ministries and agencies and may I say including the private sector.” - Innocent Chiboma, Principal ICT Officer for Digital Health, Ministry of Health of Zambia

Jonathan Jackson talks to Innocent Chiboma, Principal ICT Officer for Digital Health at the Zambian Ministry of Health, to discuss taking a whole-of-government approach to digital health and what it looks like in practice to build coordination and collaboration across ministries and the private sector.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • The importance of good governance and strategic clarity in driving digital transformation of health
  • Creating buyin and fostering respect across ministries
  • Breaking down siloes to take a more holistic view of health
  • How to introduce new ideas within a government ministry
  • Lessons learned in Zambia’s journey towards better access to health services

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