How will advances in AI impact global health and development with Clayton Sims

Dispatches from the 2022 Global Digital Health Forum  |  23 minutes

Jonathan Jackson sits down with Clayton Sims, Dimagi’s Chief Technology Officer, at the Global Digital Health Forum, to discuss the opportunities, realities & future of artificial intelligence in the global health and development space.

Some topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Exploring the highest impact use cases of AI for global health and development including language models, image processing, biometrics,  diagnostics, chatbots, and threat detection.
  • How AI tools can create more autonomy and expand the skillsets of an individual
  • Looking at ChatGPT training data and structures, and the impact of minimal global vetting on the global development space
  • The ethics around AI - and the impact it may have on data sharing
  • Exploring the future of AI from an infrastructure standpoint

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