Evolve by learning and sharing openly: Articulating Dimagi’s culture and values with Lucina Tse, Gillian Javetski, Avni Singhal and Simon Kelly (Part 3)

Episode 18  |  15 minutes

“I think the out-collaborate piece really stands out for me on this value. And a lot of our partners come to my mind. Dimagi’s had a lot of experience working across healthcare, across agriculture, across education. Yet we always approach a new partner as a unique new project that we're starting from scratch. We have a strong product, we have a strong method, but we're always looking to learn through our partners.” - Avni Singhal

“Another thing that it brings to mind is learning from our failures. And I think that's another thing that can be quite uncomfortable. But, in the interest of open learning it's so critical that we look at our failures, and try and figure out what went wrong and how we can do better next time…this is something that we do quite well on our teams.” - Simon Kelly

Co-hosts, Jonathan Jackson and Amie Vaccaro chat to four team members at Dimagi - Lucina Tse, Chief Operating Officer; Gillian Javetski, Chief of Staff; Avni Singhal, Senior Customer Success Manager; and Simon Kelly, Director of Server Engineering - to discuss the third in Dimagi’s newly articulated values: Evolve by learning and sharing openly. At Dimagi, we care deeply not only about what we do and the impact we have, but also about HOW we do it. Articulating our values has become incredibly important as we continue growing. Listen to this episode to hear candid reflections on what it looks like to evolve by learning and sharing openly and why this is so important to supporting our high-impact growth.

Full description of the newly articulated value:

Evolve by learning and sharing openly

No single person or organization can achieve our vision alone. We must work as partners (not vendors) to proactively understand our respective challenges, the impact we want to make, and to collaboratively chart the best way forward. We learn from what we’re doing and are unafraid in sharing those lessons, even when we wish the results were different.

  • We start with “why?” The answers to the challenges we are working on may not exist, and we won’t get where we are going by applying existing thinking. We’re eager to explore new approaches, always starting by defining what we want to learn - which can sometimes be the hardest part.
  • We out-collaborate rather than outcompete. While we’re proud of our individual contributions, we are most proud of the collective achievements that our team and our partners are able to realize.
  • We use data to drive decisions. We can't learn or improve from what we can't measure. We know that feedback loops are  integral to our continual improvement.
  • We speak up. We ask questions to unpack assumptions. We share feedback directly and with kindness, out of a sincere desire to help each other understand and improve. We receive feedback with humility and gratitude.

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