Lead with empathy and respect: Articulating Dimagi’s culture and values with Lucina Tse, Gillian Javetski, Avni Singhal and Simon Kelly (Part 2)

Episode 17  |  16 minutes

“80% of the time, it's easy to be respectful and empathetic. But that last 20% of the time, that's where the rubber really meets the road. It's being respectful and empathetic all of the time that really brings the team together and allows us to have these outsized, impactful outcomes… And that's really hard in an industry that is so stressful and complex as ours.”  - Jonathan Jackson, Dimagi CEO

Co-hosts Jonathan Jackson and Amie Vaccaro are joined by fellow Dimagi team members - Lucina Tse, Chief Operating Officer, Gillian Javetski, Chief of Staff, Avni Singhal, Senior Customer Success Manager, and Simon Kelly, Director of Server Engineering - to discuss the second in Dimagi’s newly articulated values: Lead with Empathy and Respect. At Dimagi, we care deeply not only about what we do and the impact we have, but also about HOW we do it. Articulating our values has become incredibly important as we are growing quickly all over the world. Listen to the episode to hear candid reflections on what it looks like to lead with empathy and respect.

Full description of the newly articulated value:

Lead with empathy and respect

We treat each other with kindness, empathy and respect, creating space for all voices and stories to be heard. We are building an equitable, inclusive and safe environment where we can bring our authentic selves to work.

  • We work to improve equity. We understand that not everyone has equal access and opportunities. We strive to magnify underrepresented voices that we could otherwise miss, whether they be within Dimagi, users of our offerings, or other stakeholders.
  • We challenge our biases. We acknowledge the existence of conscious and unconscious biases in our everyday interactions. We seek to actively understand, illuminate, and challenge them.
  • We champion balance. We recognize that work is not life, and we respect our colleagues' lives outside of work. And we know our work is a marathon, not a sprint. To sustain ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves and look out for each other.
  • We recognize each other's unique strengths. We know that everyone brings their own unique strengths to their work. We seek to discover these strengths, bringing out each other’s full potential.

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