The Challenges and Opportunities of Taking Digital Solutions to National Scale with Ismaïla Diene and Fatou Sow (Exceed Market Expectations)

Episode 7  |  47 minutes

What does it mean that Dimagi is aiming to "Exceed Market Expectations" over the next 5 years? Dimagi has set out to creatively over-deliver on value today while shaping market alignment and raising expectations for tomorrow. In today's episode, we sit down with Ismaïla Diene, Managing Director for Dimagi's Solutions Division, and Fatou Sow, a Project Manager on our Solutions Division team, to dig in on a key consideration of this strategy: deepening our partnerships to drive national scale. Find out why achieving national scale for digital solutions like CommCare is so important to long-term impact, what makes it so challenging to achieve, lessons we've learned over two decades, and how we are approaching national scale partnerships going forward. You'll also hear about national scale projects in Burkina Faso and Madagascar. 

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