Category Design and why it matters for Global Health and Development Organizations engaged in Breakthrough Work

Episode 52  |  54 minutes

Our co-hosts are joined by thirteen-time #1 bestselling co-author and pioneer in Category Design, Chris Lochhead, to discuss Category Design, and how it's relevant for NGOs and social impact organizations. He delves into the fundamentals while offering insights on how to shift from the current competitive state to a new, transformative future. This episode is brimming with compelling story examples such as the women's labor movement and its powerful tagline of “equal pay for equal work”. He also shares a personal anecdote about a home-based climate change response in Santa Cruz, where he employed out-of-the-box thinking to get multiple stakeholders to buy-in for a bigger change. If you are in the global health and development space and engaged in breakthrough work, then this episode is for you. 

Topics include: 

  • Why Category Design matters for NGOs and social impact organizations
  • Reframing problems in a way that captures attention and makes people feel invested in your cause
  • How to think beyond the present to envision a different future 
  • The importance of language and framing for creating category buy-in
  • Manifestos that bring to life the different future an organization aims to create

Warning: This podcast contains explicit language and unfiltered conversations – listener discretion is advised.

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